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Mary’s Background

Dr. Mary Howard of Reading Connections

Dr. Mary Howard is known throughout North America as a leading expert in literacy, presenting seminars as an independent consultant and for the Bureau of Education and Research ( in all fifty states and across Canada. Mary has worked with countless educators to create a research-based literacy program grounded in the current brain research.

An educator for more than thirty years, she combines years of classroom experience as an elementary grade 1-6 special educator, grade K-12 reading tutor, reading specialist and Reading Recovery teacher with a multitude of experiences as a reading consultant, university reading instructor, professional storyteller, author and nationwide lecturer. Her blend of research and practical application has led many to describe her as a teachers’ teacher, demonstrating a clear understanding of the realities of the classroom by translating research into practice.

Mary's seminars are fast-paced and inspiring, filled with engaging strategies that can be immediately implemented into the existing curriculum. Her no-nonsense approach provides teachers with a deeper understanding of the learning process in order to transform the teaching process into a powerful tool to maximize the potential of every child.