Book A Seminar

I have been privileged to present countless seminars in every state in the United States as well as in Canada and China. I present both as an independent consultant and do sessions for the Bureau of Education and Research ( My seminars focus on blending our current literacy research understandings with practical classroom application to arm teachers with the tools to make more informed instructional decisions. The quality of learning rarely exceeds the quality of teaching, so my emphasis is on changing the way teachers view their role in the learning process so that each child is guaranteed success through flexible instruction designed to build on personal strengths. It is  always knowledgeable teachers - not quick fixes, scripts or packages - that result in the high quaility literacy instruction our students deserve. Teachers have always been our best hope for the future so my no-nonsense approach focuses on the role that only they can play in effective literacy practices. Every minute of my time with you will be spent developing effective literacy teachers.

Seminars are scheduled only on a full day basis that reflects six hours of actual lecture time. I do not have a participant limit and encourage you to combine schools within or outside the district. Although I have a menu of topics for you to select, I will make every effort to create a learning experience tbat is personalized for your staff needs.

My calendar is managed by PD Network ( When you first contact me to express interest, they will give you the details you need including pricing and availability. Once you make the decision to book a seminar, they will send a contract and give you specific information regarding audiovisual equipment and room setup.  A packet will be provided to support the seminar topic(s) you have selected (see Description of Seminars and Consultant Opportunities). It is then the responsibility of the district/school to duplicate copies for each participant.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs in more detail or for information about costs and availability. My calendar remains full, so it is recommended that you schedule at the earliest possible date. I look forward to hearing from you to design a seminar that will offer your staff the most current information on high quality literacy instruction.