What Educators Say About Mary's Seminars

If you are ready for a fast-paced workshop that's jam-packed full of ideas that you can begin implementing immediately in your classroom, then this is the workshop for you.  Dr. Mary Howard's passion for teaching and reaching EVERY child shines through with her dynamic presentation.
(Dawn Kuntz, Literacy Specialist 1-3, West Wendover, Nevada)

Mary's workshops are engaging from start to finish.  They are fast paced and jam packed with practical information.  Mary is the consummate presenter with an extensive knowledge base.  She is definitely a major league coach who works effectively with teachers.
(Roz Spear, Curriculum Coordinator, MSAD 56)

Mary is a gifted artist with teaching as her palette.
(Ginnie McAdoo, 1st grade lead teacher, Georgia)

Mary Howard’s seminars are filled with wisdom and warmth. She teaches about language development, reading, joy development and respect for every student. You will be moved by her teaching.
(Robert Sornson, Executive Director of Special Services, Michigan)

Mary Howard is an energetic and entertaining presenter. Her information represents current research findings. Her visuals are outstanding!
(Michelle Singleton, 5th grade teacher, Utah)

Thanks for the inspiration! This was the best conference I have ever attended, with every minute filled with valuable information and strategies. I appreciate your expertise, excitement, enthusiasm and creative strategies. Thank you for reminding me why I am a teacher.
(Cindy L. Morris, Reading Specialist, California)

Mary, you are a wonder! Not only have you jam-packed our workshop hours with fascinating and vitally important information on brain research, you have done much more: modeled everything you are teaching; used all modalities; given us very practical and usable ideas we can begin using immediately; been responsive and respectful by immediately dealing with all questions posed; allowed us to connect and know you through your presentation, and yes, even entertained us.
Merci Beaucoup!!
(Marilee Rhody, Grade K-6 multiple subjects, Canada)

Mary presents an excellent workshop by modeling through a dynamic presentation everything that we aspire to be as teachers and human beings. Multi-level and multi-modal learning live!
(Brenda Lee, Literacy Consultant, Canada)

This seminar helped me to better understand my struggling readers. I can’t wait to get back with our Title I students. Thank you, Dr. Mary Howard, for all this valuable information.
(Sheryl Klatt, Title I Teacher Assistant, Missouri)

Dr. Howard gave useful strategies in an inspirational seminar to help reach students who learn differently. Fast-paced, but very clear presentation with terrific hand-outs and visuals.
(Laura Daniel, Resource Specialist, California)

Thanks for the affirmation and the many opportunities to grow, even after twenty-three years in the classroom.
(Margo Rushin, Grade 1-2 Looping, Missouri)

I’ve been to several literacy workshops and this one has provided me with twice the information and application of any other. What an exciting and useful way to spend a day!
(Ginny Lennon, 1st grade, Missouri)

This is the best workshop I’ve attended. Mary was able to reach all participants regardless of the place they began. Mary helped me to put many puzzle pieces together. You have a gift. Please continue to share.
(Patsy Hutchinson, Grade 3, Louisiana)

Most informative seminar I’ve attended as a reading specialist and teacher. Many, many strategies were placed in a lovely treasure chest by Dr. Mary Howard.
(Nadine DeJean, Reading Specialist, Louisiana)

This is my second Mary Howard workshop and it was even better the second time! Great ideas that can be implemented across grade levels and a wonderful validation that a lot of what I?m doing is worthwhile and sound according to research. Many thanks, Mary.
(Lesley France, Grade 2, Louisiana)

Dynamic, stimulating and practical. Dr. Howard successfully achieves the delicate balance between theory and application.
(Lisa Garner, Grade 4, Louisiana)

Like sunshine and rain, Dr. Howard competently whet our appetites for reading with strategies to allow our students to shine. Thank you so much for the valuable wealth of information.
(Deborah Clarke, Literacy Coordinator, Florida)

I was inspired by Dr. Howard’s workshop. I will be able to use her strategies to make every minute count in my classroom.
(Aimee Rester, Grade 2, Alabama)

Mary, you continue to share knowledge and passion to rejuvenate teachers and administrators alike. Please continue to share your energy and light the way for others to improve the lives of our children and the instruction of our educators.
(Wendy Clutter, Developmental Support, West Virginia)

Dr. Howard has a gift. She is inspiring and she touches the heart and soul. Her emphasis on reading and the brain leads the listener to the heart. I came to learn strategies for reading and I leave with insight to the child's heart and soul. Best workshop I have ever attended.
(Donna Griffenkranz, Grade 5 Special Education, New York)

This was one of the best workshops I've attended in my 12 years of teaching. Many thanks to Dr. Howard for her many wonderful teaching strategies. Thank you on behalf of my struggling readers, this year and in years to come, whose lives may potentially be a little better because of this excellent presentation!
(Laura Mosca, Grade 6, Pennsylvania)