Mary Howard, Professional Speaking Coach

PLEASE READ FIRST: This section is for individuals who would like to contract me to support your goals as a public speaker. This description does not reflect my literacy seminars listed separately



      For nearly 4 decades, I have been engaged in a wide range of professionally and personally enriching experiences. Extensive study and classroom practice in reading instruction and brain research have given me a deeper understanding of the instructional process as well as the complex process of learning. My passion for speaking was born thirty-eight years ago with my first presentation, leading to the completion of a doctorate degree in education and ultimately the beginning of a full time career as a consultant/speaker in 1995. I have worked with countless educators in the U.S., Canada, and China while studying diligently to enrich my knowledge of the art of public speaking. My ongoing effort to hone my skills as a professional speaker and presenter has been the fulfillment of a deep passion and commitment for communicating information to others.

These combined experiences have provided me with a richer understanding of the art of communication and the numerous factors that come into play in this fascinating process. While I am convinced that certain abilities are the result of personal attributes that are inborn, many of the critical skills that distinguish great speakers can also be developed with training. My extensive knowledge of brain research and the learning process have provided me with a special insight into the art of professional speaking. For many years, I have been asked about my willingness to share this knowledge. As a result, I have designed a one-on-one coaching approach for integrating a combined knowledge of the learning process with the speaking process to develop your skills as a master presenter. This one-on-one interaction will allow me to take advantage of your personal strengths to enhance your skills rather than attempt to duplicate the style of other speakers. The essential ingredient of an expert communicator is to stay true to your style.

Speaking Coach

Dr. Mary Howard

My coaching system is designed to support novice, developing, and experienced speakers to maximize their personal skills as a communicator. My emphasis is on guiding you in thinking more deeply about the essential skills of presenting including the development of more powerful tools to support your teaching such as a PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. This support can be adapted to any topic of interest because my focus is to enhance your ability to communicate your chosen topic to an audience rather than to learn your topic. Your responsibility is to know the topic while mine is to help you to share that topic with an audience more proficiently. While knowing a topic is critical, it is only one aspect of public speaking. I have seen individuals with extensive content knowledge of their topic fail as public speakers because they are unable to communicate that knowledge. On the other hand, I have witnessed individuals who possess far less content knowledge achieve acclaim as top-notch presenters because of an instinctive ability to communicate in a way that is engaging and dramatic. In other words, how is significantly more important than what, making the ability to communicate information in an engaging way the key ingredient to lasting success.

I can significantly enhance your level of expertise, regardless of your current role as a speaker. Are you just beginning a career as a professional speaker or are you trying to enhance your existing skills? Have you chosen public speaking as a career goal or do you find that speaking is a necessary extension of your job (ie: university professor, researcher, business)? Regardless of your current role, my goal is to help you take your presentations to another level. Your ability to impart knowledge goes far beyond your ability to know your topic.

Menu of Support Options

I have spent most of my adult life exploring the act of speaking and recognize that there are two aspects that are essential including the act of communicating and the use of resources that will support this information. My coaching services are divided into two categories, with each individual free to select one or both of these components and adapt them accordingly including:

Scheduling and Cost

    The cost is based on an hourly fee that will vary according to your specific needs and whether travel is required. This support can be provided through face-to-face interactions or by phone and/or email. You decide how much or how little support you need, with no required number of hours to schedule. If you decide to have face-to-face interactions in my location (Oklahoma), you are responsible for all travel and accommodations in addition to my fee. If you prefer that I travel to you, you are responsible for paying all of my travel costs in advance (hotel, airfare, car transportation, meals) in addition to my fee (travel costs are your responsibility at the time they are incurred). I will maintain detailed written records of my time and provide that record to you monthly. A check is required at the end of each month for services to that point, payable by check. 

     My availability depends largely on my consulting schedule. Begin by contacting me by phone (918 744-8698) or email via my website and I would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have regarding these services and can adapt any of these services to fit your specific needs.